Twirling around

11:09 PM Imke 18 Comments

Last weekend, I twirled all the way back to Belgium, for a relaxed weekend at home. I put on a new dress and had the loveliest time; on Friday I arrived in Antwerp and met up with my best friend. We had lunch together, and wandered around in Antwerp, catching up after not seeing each other for way too long, while searching for a nice coffee bar, which we didn't find. We ended up back in Starbuck where I sipped my Chai tea latte while having the loveliest time with my best friend. After that, we went home, and had a lovely relaxing night of television, food and hugs and laughs. I also visited my grandparents and went out for dinner - I had the best pizza I've had in months. 

What I discovered as well while being home for the weekend was how many many clothes I actually own; I brought half of my clothes to Paris (those I wear most), but some treasures were still hidden at my home in Belgium. This cute yellow-white checkerboard dress is among them; never appeared on the blog before, but as the dress reflects how I feel (happy and cheery I thought time had come! So twirling around it is!

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