12:27 PM Imke 18 Comments

I'm back! My amazing adventure in Paris has ended, which was really sad, but being back in Belgium has had its advantages as well so far. I aced my economics exam, handed in my final essay about Parisian fashion bloggers, was reunited with my loved ones, which was so nice. I went back to work and went on a citytrip to Bruges which was so romantic and the perfect little holiday after some very heavy weeks. 

It was also very nice to come home and discover a little parcel waiting for me, containing a Mockinjay necklace (I'm a Hunger Games fan, yes), and an adorable jumper from Rosewholesale. The jumper will appear later on on the blog as I felt more like wearing black today, and added a little Gossip Girl accent by wearing my knee-highs and new bow-tie flats. 

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