Sur le coup de midi

11:59 AM Imke 22 Comments

At the stroke of noon, here I am with my newest obsession: midi. You've seen me appearing in lots of mini dresses and skirts, which I always blame on my long legs - I can't help it every skirt and dress seems to be much shorter on me than on everyone else. But that time seems to be behind me. As I'm a commuting student now, I'm reading Vogue non-stop, and I've been inspired by the fact that all seems to have gone midi-length, combined with granny-style purses you wear in one hand like our ancestors used to do in the good old days. Very forties in my opinion, and very in as well. I'm a big fan of the throw-back to the forties, and actually it's kind of nice to be wearing long clothes when it's cold. The outfit is from last weekend as I've been ill from influenza all week wearing yoga pants and big shirts and one midi dress to go make an exam and go back home straight ahead because multiple people talking around me made me almost faint. I'll be back on track on Monday, replying to your wonderful comments and lovely blogs! 

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