The internship

11:07 PM Imke 20 Comments

In this post I would like to tell you more about my internship I'm doing at the moment. I realised, as this is a personal fashion blog, this is more than just a way to just show you my daily outfits, for me this is a great way to be in touch with other fashionistas from all around the world and be inspired and attempt to inspire as well. Today I wanted to tell you something more about my internship. 

Since a little more than a month I'm an intern for CHANEL, where I work in the press department at the office in Brussels. I'm more than happy with the amazing chance of a lifetime I'm experiencing now, and I'm learning more and more about PR and luxury fashion everyday. It made me realise how badly I want to work in this field later and I'm so grateful for this opportunity, it learned me so much already and it's only been a month. 

Also I really like the challenge of combining as many CHANEL-worthy outfits as I can, haha! With this I want to state I'm an independent blogger, so I don't blog for CHANEL, and everything I say is my own personal opinion and is never linked to my work as an intern at CHANEL. So far the disclaimer on keeping work and blogging apart! 

Have you done some internships yet? Were they in fashion as well? Please tell me all about it, I'm curious about your internships! 

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