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When I went into a very hipster boutique in town, I fell in love with these amazing Nikes. As you might know, In Greek mythology, Nike was a goddess who personified victory, and victory was exactly what I felt when I entered the store. Finally! I'd been lusting for Nike's for months, and finally I'd found the ones I wanted. I asked the store manager for my size, a 41, and... Victory! They had them! Too bad Nike's run small, and a 41 was way too small. I went home all sad, until I realised the amazing phenomenon of Zalando existed. I checked their website and -victory!- the only size that was left was a 42. They arrived very quickly and I put them on as soon as I got them. I must admit, the air is present to the max, because I've felt like walking on clouds all day! I paired them with my nude dress with the low back with cute bow. I love combining sneakers with something casual yet elegant, to stick to my no-jeans policy. So, are you pro sneakers combined with a dress/skirt? How do you combine them? 

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