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When I stumbled upon this gorgeous playsuit when browsing, I immediately fell in love. It was my nineties kid spirit that made me hit the "add to basket" button we all know so well, and I must say, it's the perfect summer purchase. When I put this playsuit on, I immediately felt like Cher Horowitz we all know from the über-nineties movie Clueless. (And if you don't, be sure to Netflix it, because this is Alicia Silverstone at her finest wearing tartan all over). This playsuit makes me want to sing along with Barbie Girl, play on my bright pink GameBoy, watch Lizzie McGuire and collect Pokémon Cards. Ah, good old times! What are your nineties memories? For some more nineties movie inspiration, head here, and click here to do a funny but oh-so-acurate quizz. I ended up being Cher Horowitz by the way.

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