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The weather in Belgium went from perfectly sunny and hot to cold in rainy in no time. It's crazy and a little sad how I went from bare legs to cold-in-my-thickest-tights, but hey, I'm sure that starting from July the weather will turn beautiful again (cross my fingers). The nice part about all of this is that I can spend my evenings in warm, cosy clothes, a cup of gingerbread tea and a good book. I'm currenyly reading The Heiresses by Sara Shepard, and I'm loving it! It's not the most sophisticated kind of literature, but I like the mix of mystery/crime and chick-lit. I love her writing style, but I only hope she won't write 16 (!) books in this storyline like she did with Pretty Little Liars. But so far, so good, I'm enjoying this book and hoping to finish it tonight! What books are you reading right now? Have you made a to-read-during-the-summer-list yet? 

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