Paris, je t'aime

10:12 PM Imke 17 Comments

I only have amazing news to share! One: last week I won a give-away on Ileana's blog Novelstyle, so my week started amazingly well. I'll be showing the items I bought with my voucher soon! Secondly: I saw the Rolling Stones perform. One word: wow! Mick's still got the moves, for sure. I'm even more stunned than I already was by the performances of The Stones. Furthermore I got a kitten! Whoa! He's called Louis, is all black and the most beautiful little creature. Pictures coming soon! And oh no, that's not all of the good news! Even more to come! I went to Paris with my love for three days, and we had the most amazing time, as you can probably see in the pictures. And last but not least: I got my diploma! After hard labour, I obtained my bachelor in communication management, which we celebrated quite well! With all these amazing things happening in my life currently, I've had less time to blog, but I promise from now on to blog more frequently. But tell me, what amazing things happened to you the last couple of weeks? Any travels, other people who obtained their diploma, any other nice things? I'm curious! 

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