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New month, new adventures. August is my favourite month of the year: (generally) good weather, holidays, fun, and my birthday! Last Tuesday was my 21st birthday, and I must admit, the best one yet! I was spoiled at work with breakfast and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and my boyfriend surprised me by picking me up at work! (Which is a 2 hour drive as I work in Brussels and the traffic in our capital is horrible...). Such a sweet surprise! Then I got home and got presents: this amazing dress I'm wearing was a lovely present from my parents, along with a scarf, and my sister gave me a great book, a PokeBall and some bathroom goodies. Me happy! Then my boyfriend announced his present as well: a weekend away to Eindhoven in The Netherlands, on a shopping spree and swimming day! Sooo looking forward! Then yesterday there was a little party a threw for family & my girlfriends and it was such an amazing night! We had lots of fun and a good laugh and great food and also yet again I got amazing presents: an &Other Stories clutch, a Mean Girls crop top, nailpolish, an apron with an Eiffel Tower made of macarons and many other gorgeous things! Best birthday ever! And how was your month of August so far? Any summer holiday stories to share? How's your vacation been? I'd love to hear your stories!

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  1. such a nice dress
    I love it
    new post:

  2. I'm in love with your dress, the design, the color and this color is just perfect on your complexion!
    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth BLOG
    BIG hair LOUD mouth FACEBOOK page

  3. I want these shoes!
    Laura. xx

  4. Lady you had a good birthday
    Sounds like your super special to lots of people :)

  5. You look very nice in pink ^^


  6. That dress is so elegant and pretty! xo

  7. Happy birthday! You got such amazing presents:)

  8. Happy Birthday darling, hope you had a magical day and may you be blessed with many many more, you look so beautiful in pink, love this Chanel-esque outfit. Always grateful for your kind comments :)

  9. Happy Birthday girl! Wishing you all the best and happiness :) That pink dress looks so cute and I like it that you paired it with a Holographic silver shoes.


  10. Cute outfit :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  11. Imke gefeliciteerd!! Een beetje laat, but better later than never! Het is weer te lang geleden dat ik hier ben geweest. Ik heb een paar weken vakantie en de bedoeling was al het gemiste in te halen... but neh. Heb alleen maar in de tuin gehangen, geslapen en Harry Potter gelezen (yeah!). But I'm back to it!
    Super vette verjaardag gehad lees ik. Je ziet er prachtig uit! Echt een mega gaaf kado die jurk!


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  12. wonderful dress,
    love the colour and length!

  13. Beautiful pictures
    Totally love the Dress