Pastel & tartan

6:10 PM Imke 24 Comments

Since I've been a lot into the tartan print recently and I obviously love pastels (see header of my blog) I couldn't resist this wonderful skirt when I spotted it. Also the length is just perfect: not too short but not too long either. This is also the very first time I show you my Birkenstock, white Arizona's. They're so comfortable and it was a pity the Belgian summer sucked big time which results into not being able to wear my summer shoes... Only yesterday was one of the few nice summer days so I took the opportunity and put on a summer outfit. We even managed to grab a gin & tonic on a nice terrace in town and went to see a very good movie (Lucy). Perfect summer night, and I hope some more will follow before school starts mid-September. When are you starting school? And a little post scriptum: who saw the summer finale of PLL? I did, and I'm SHOCKED. 

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