Happy (early) holidays!

6:14 AM Imke 24 Comments

I might be a bit soon this year, but the holiday season has arrived in town, and it makes me want to think about different sets of holiday wear, from cozy knit jumpers to fancy party dresses to an elegant and classy New Year's Eve dinner outfit, because admit it, the fact that you can go all wild and think outside the box when it comes to holiday gear, is one of the nicest parts. 

The first type of outfit I got already, and believe it or not, my jumper sings Jingle Bells when pushing my belly button! Can a Christmas jumper get any more perfect? Okay, yes, there were sweaters with lights within as well, but as far as Santa-printed sweaters go, I vote the jingling type! 

When thinking about what to wear for a fancy dinner, I think a black midi dress and golden accents. Black and gold is always my way to go when I want to look elegant, yet add a little spark. What do you think of this look I made? What do you have in mind for the holiday season? And most importantly: from what date on am I allowed to wear my singing sweater?

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