Place des Vosges

6:06 PM Imke 26 Comments

Even though I have been living in Paris for about a year in total, I still discover new places and facts every week; today my friend Nicola and I went to Twinkies Breakfast to have brunch, which was so good! If you are in Paris and craving a good American, English, French or Scandinavian breakfast, go there, they serve the best! While eating, my friend told me about this place in the Marais, Place des Vosges, which is so beautiful and has such a rich history, and also perfect to take pictures! I must admit I had passed by this place sometime, but never gave it the attention it deserved...

So today, after our brunch, we took a long walk through Le Marais, and walked to Place des Vosges. Apparently, it used to belong to the Royal family of France back in the old days, and when Googling this place, I discovered that also Victor Hugo used to live in one of the buildings surrounding it, and that this is the oldest square of Paris. Who knew Sundays could be so educative huh?

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