The Wedding

4:54 PM Imke 48 Comments

It's wedding season, and I have a wedding coming up very soon! Like the control freak I am, I'm already planning what I'll wear this day, because you know, that's one of my favourite parts about a marriage. Since the wedding is planned in October this year it's probably a tad early to start looking for a dress, but I did start brainstorming on what to wear. I browsed Asos, found some really nice dresses and a fancy jumpsuit, and then I realised, you don't HAVE to impress with a dress. Why not be more original? And then I came with a genious plan. What if I made things easy for myself, and just wore a plain LBD? Throw in some nice black heels, a nice popping lipstick, and impress with a clutch? Oh yes, this one is going to invest in a crazy clutch that will stand out, and be the center piece of the ouftit. Also this way I don't have to be scared to be mayorly overdressed (my style tends to be slightly different from people around me), and bags are investment pieces. Sort of. Anyway: let the hunt begin!

What do you think? Good plan? Or too dark for a wedding? What do you wear for a wedding? Keep in mind it's October, so the flowy cream dress I had in mind is off the list. We're speaking about Belgium after all, so I'm expecting a cloudy cold day. 

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