Uniqlo A/W 15

6:06 PM Imke 22 Comments

When in Paris about a year ago, I saw a lot of people walking around with cool Uniqlo shopping bags, a brand I hadn't heard of before, but I was curious and went to check out their store near the Opéra. I fell in love with this Japanese brand immediately, as I love that their three keywords are simplicity, quality and longevity, and the good price for the amazing quality you get. 

If you want to stock up on basic turtlenecks of good quality in trend colours, this store is defenitely your place to be! I love summer, but the Uniqlo AW15 Lookbook makes me look forward to wearing warm scarves, tight turtlenecks, basic blouses, soft jumpers in pastel colours and a lightweight rain jacket you can fold so small it fits your purse.

Simplicity is key at Uniqlo, and I love shopping there, as their stores are always so clean and organised, and the items they have always beautiful. What's more is that they're coming to Antwerp this Autumn, so be prepared beloved fellow Belgians, as the Uniqlo madness is upon us all!

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