On The Rocks

12:00 AM Imke 37 Comments

Another post from the trip to Nice I made last month - this time quite an adventurous one. While having a morning stroll towards the harbour, we had a little YOLO moment when spotting a hidden flight of stairs on our way there, that went towards a little hidden spot of rocks, where the view over the sea and Nice was incredible. As it was still early, we were all alone on the rocks, enjoying the calm, gorgeous sea, which was the perfect shade of blue. 

I was wearing one of my favourite holiday looks: a LBD, paired with a colourful scarf (to protect my always-burned shoulders), my Mary Katrantzou X Clutch that seems to have the exact same colour palette as the scarf, and a pair of Birkenstocks - my to-go shoes on holidays, as I could literally walk miles in them!


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