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A true nineties kid by heart, I'm obsessed by Cher Horowitz, her exquisite wardrobe and the movie Clueless in general. Yellow tartan has been something I've wanted to add to my wardrobe since forever, and when at the opening event of the Dr. Martens store in Antwerp some time ago I spotted this gorgeous yellow scarf, I couldn't resist. Nineties to the max, I was thrilled to take this scarf home and pair it with my wide-legged jumpsuit and throw my leather jacket over it. 

But the best part of this blogpost is not the scarf my dear readers, but the make-up, as I got lucky enough to have my MUA friend Jolien a.k.a. Jolainicorn do my make-up, and oh my, how I felt pretty. So blessed to have a friend so talented, make sure to take a look at her Facebook page, and be awed by the stuff she can do with make-up. Also in case you want to reacreate this look, Jolien made a before & after video, lame jokes included (unfortunately only for my Dutch-speaking followers). Check it out!

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