Dr. Martens Antwerp

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Last Thursday (28/8) I attended the launch event of Dr. Martens in Kammenstraat 41 in beautiful fashion capital Antwerp. My sister and I went there together, all excited about this opening event, because Dr. Martens is a brand we both love, and this was the opportunity to release our inner rebel, and go all black/grey/punk scarf (sister) & leather jacket (me). Also my new pointy ankle boots made their debut, and I couldn't be happier about them.

Before going to the event, I browsed their website thoroughly, and decided I wanted this yellow scarf. Doesn't it just scream Clueless? And as for this launching event there was an exclusive -50% discount on everything in store. Everything. I swear you, the temptation to buy myself a pair of classic black shoes was incredible, but I resisted, and got my beloved scarf instead. Isn't it a masterpiece?

Also, how cute are these mini Dr Martens for kids? I decided straight away that my kid will strot around in a pair of these shoes, because how cool would that be? I actually saw this little 8 year girl trying on a few pairs, and she looked amazing, with her Harley Davidson leather jacket and Dr Martens shoes. Fashion has no age for sure!

And what's a store launch without good drinks & a bite? The drink of the night was Tanquerey Gin, served with pink tonic and strawberry. As you know me, anything pink makes me happy, so this gin was a little piece of heaven to me - not only very pretty and photogenic but also delicious. Also the food was amazing: right outside the Dr. Martens store, Bulls and Dogs were offering the best hot dogs I every had, straight from the Markthallen of Amsterdam City. I had a 'medium spicy' dog, and I assure you, it was delicious

I honestly had the most amazing night, discovering all these gorgeous shoes, bags and accessories - my love for the UK's coolest brand has definitely grown! 

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