Sk8er Boi

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Other nineties kids on here will most defenitely remember back when Avril Lavigne was still a rock chick and dominating all music hitlists, and in particular her song 'Sk8er Boi'. Re-listening this song while typing this and oh my, it still kicks ass and takes me back to many years ago, when I wished I was just half as cool as Avril Lavigne. 

And every time I read or hear fashion term 'skater skirt', my head automatically goes "I'm with the skater boy I said see ya later boy" so hence the title of this post. Secretely I'm hoping I'm not the only one that makes this link, haha! 

I've been looking for a cute skater skirt for literally ages, because for a tall girl like myself, skater skirts usually barely cover your bum, and look out of proportion (think long legs - tiny skirt, and I asure you, 90% of the times it looks plain weird on me, as if I'm trying on my little sister's clothes). But when browsing through H&M Divided racks in Antwerp, I found this cute grey skirt, tried it on, and decided that for 9.95 euros, this was one of the best bargains of the past few monts.

Recently my style tends to get darker & grungier, as in, I used to only wear pink & frilly clothes and jeans & leather were banned from my closet, but my style seems to shift a lot these days, hence this look that's completely out of the box for me. When I bought this skater skirt, I decided to go full-on Avril Lavigne style, and throw in leather, a cropped top & booties. 

Here's the link to Sk8er Boi, so you can all relive your teenage Avril crush. You're welcome.

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