Trend colours - #2: White

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After my first colour trend report earlier on the blog (read it here), it's time for trend colour number two: white.

One of the chiquest trends for this winter in my opinion is to go all-white, with a head to toe snowy and impeccably feminine look. Not a look made for everyone (read: if you're like me and drop your coffee in your lap or open that new bottle of ketchup with slightly too much enthousiasm), but I think we can all agree on how gorgeous and sophisticated this look is. 

While I'm still mentally preparing to put this look on myself (as in, I'm picking a day where I don't have to cook, take the metro, or do anything else that involves the possobility of messing up this look), here's a post full of all-white inspiration. Did you try this trend already? What's your opinion on an all-white look? Trendy, stylish, feminine, or boring and too much of a throwback to your First Communion, or fast-forward to your wedding? Let me know in the comments!


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