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Some say velvet clothes are for grannies and gymnasts only, others say big chunky heels are for goths, and many say turtlenecks shouldn't be worn by girls with a big buste. Well, this look proves them all wrong, as I combined every single prejudice and felt down-right velvetastic-fantastic in this look. 

And the best part of this look is of how good of a bargain it was - the skirt is from American Apparel, and I got it in the store for the mere price of €6,30. That's a price even Primark can't beat (I still don't know what was going on at the sale rack, but apparently there was an extra 50% off on sale items, which resulted in a 85% sale on this particular skirt). Anyway, I knew this skirt was just waiting for me to buy it, and this precious piece of velvet is now officialy mine. Don't you just love the deep burgundy colour? And honestly, velvet is da bomb, and NOT only for grannies and gymnasts. I know you're all just jealous of how soft my skirt is, hehe. 

The shoes are new as well, and I'm so excited about them. I love this kind of block-heels, because they're easy to walk in, comfortable, and still feminine. The little strap and crocodile print made me love the shoes even more - and what better way to combine them than with another burgundy piece? 

Prejudice three: turtlenecks are forbidden for the larger busted among us. Honestly, it's not - I'm a size D, and I must say, I love wearing turtlenecks, because they're nice and comfortable, and the best thing ever to snuggle in. Yes, they make your boobs look bigger, but since when is that a problem? Embrace your body, and don't you ever try to hide your breasts, I disagree with those saying a turtleneck makes those with big boobs look fat. Honestly, these kinds of jumpers are such a great invention and can be worn on simply all occasions. 

What do you think of my burgundy & black look - miss or match? And what's your point of view on velvet/block heels/turtlenecks? Let me know in the comments!

A special thank you note goes to my friend and fellow blogger Gwladys from who took these amazing pictures - not only a great photographer but also a fashion blogger who just started (literally today). Check it out! 

Turtleneck - H&M
Shoes - Primark
Jacket - Miss Selfridge's 
Bag - Vintage

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