Fishnet Tights

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Fishnet tights, also known as how to find the balance between rock-chick and hooker. Even though I love all things pastel, long hair, a nice nude lipstick & will always prefer a dress over jeans, I've always played with the thought of being a rock chick kind of girl, thoughts that started popping up right after Taylor Momson a.k.a. Jenny from Gossip Girl made this bad-ass transformation from nice schoolgirl to racoon-eyed rebel. I've never fully given into this tendancy, but I like to balance on the verge between the girly I-love-everything-pink kind of girl and the biker-boots-and-leather-jacket kind of girl. I love combining a girly dress with a chunky leather jacket, add a heavy cat-eye to the blouse & pencil skirt look, and wear my boots under literally anything. Another big inspiration for this look is gorgeous Luanna from Le Happy blog (hair goals).

Two years ago, I had this dress-up party with the theme 'Your mother would have never let you go out like that', for which I was so thrilled, as this party totally allowed me to let my inner rebel girl out! I bought fishnet tights, put on a little black dress, my bad-ass biker boots, boldest lipstick but toned down with a pearly Peter Pan collar, and was genuily fond of this outfit. The Monday after this party I put the fishnet tights back on again. I got a few weird looks, but I liked the style.

And that, my dear readers, is the moment I decided that fishnet stockings are cool, and not only for hookers & rock chicks, but also for girls like you and I, for going out but also for a casual daily outfit. I'm planning on doing an outfit post soon featuring fishnet stockings, the article by NSMBL on the fact that these tights are trendy again made my enthousiasm for them grow, so stay tuned.

What's your opinion on fishnet stocking, do you embrace them into daily life, or do you think they are to be worn only once a year, namely for Halloween? I'm curious to know!

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