Metallic Hair Tattoos

11:15 AM Imke 29 Comments

I wrote about temporary gold & silver tattoos this summer, and now this trend is back, but with a twist. Now temporary tattoos are worn in the hair, to give this special extra touch to your look, and perfect for a party or just to spice up that little black dress. I decided to go for the last option - go for a simple black look with a leather jacket, a red lip and some golden tattoos in my hair.

It's easiest to apply the tattoos straight hair, so if you have curls, it's better to straighten the hair first. The application process is very similar to the one used to apply temporary tattoos to the skin: place the tattoo on your hair, press a damp cloth over it, and the tattoo adheres to your hair. Leave for about a minute and then remove carefully. The tattoo says intact until you wash your hair or brush through.

I got my tattoos over at Montattoo, a Ghent-based (so Belgian) webshop that offers the classic flash tattoos in black & metallics but also hair tattoos in silver and gold. I got this pair, now on sale for €7,88, and shipping is free all over Europe, so honestly, this is a pretty good deal! This set contains of birds, flowers, wreaths, diamonds, hearts, shells, the moon, stars, butterflies, a dragonfly and hair-bracelets.

What do you think of this hair tattoo trend? Would you go for it, do you stick to the classic skin flash tattoos, or do you stay far away from all of this? How would you wear the hair tattoos? And for which occasion? I'm curious to know! These products were sent to me for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.


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