Scuba Stories

4:11 PM Imke 30 Comments

I seem to have gotten an obsession with scuba (the fabric, not scuba diving). This is not the sturdy and unflattering fabric that might pop up in your hand, flashing back to sports taking place underwater or on a board, or more recently, that famous Triangl Bikini that seem impossible to fit in with those tiny, seeming non-stretching bottoms.

No ladies (and possibly gentlemen?), scuba fits as a glove, keeps you warm as it doesn't let the cold through and looks down-right awesome in my opinion. And may I mention that every liquid you spill on it just glides off without leaving any marks? Yes, I found my new fabric to obsess over.

So here I proudly present you my first buy in scuba fabric, and actually my first pair of trousers as well. (Yes, I know. I'm more of a dresses and skirts kind of girl, with the occasional exception of a pair of ripped jeans). And honestly, I couldn't be luckier to have found this, and well because of the following reasons: it's super comfortable, it's Asos Tall (so no Mum, it's not too short for my long legs, but cropped on purpose) and last but not least, on major sale right over here. You're welcome, fellow tall gals.

Paired with a comfy shirt, also Asos Tall, and my white ankle boots to add a feminine and modern vibe, and I'm all ready to go, strutting in the rain without getting my trousers wet, because hey, it's neoprene, a.k.a. water-resistant.


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