Sacha Silver Platform Shoes

4:37 PM Imke 16 Comments

Last Summer, I already wrote this article about platform shoes, and it's been ever for longer that I'm obsessed with platform shoes – as you know, I'm a big big fan of basically all Nineties trends. So when I spotted this silver star-printed pair of plaform shoes on the webshop of Sacha, I fell in love at one. 

I might be 190 cm tall with these shoes on, but darrrn how I love them ♥ I decided to pair them with a very casual outfit: a pair of brown trousers and a simple grey shirt. Easy wear from head to toe; the shoes are so much more comfortable than everyone seems to think. The only hard part is keeping your balance when running for the metro, but otherwise I vote platform shoes way over high heels!

So what's your take on platform shoes? Must-have or should-have-stayed-in-the-90s? Let me know in the comments!

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