Nineties Kid

10:56 PM Imke 12 Comments

As you may have noticed on several occasions, I love falling back on trends from the nineties, such as chokers, crop tops, fish tights and several other trends. One of the trends I've never understood and I've always refused to wear is wearing a t-shirt underneath your dress. I remember aged 7 or 8, I was shopping with my Mum and there was this spaghetti strap dress I really liked, but my Mum told me I could only wear this dress with a t-shirt underneath, and the shop owner completely agreed. I blankly refused to do so, went home without the dress, and have refused to wear a shirt under my dress on every single occasion in my life, whether it was my Mum suggesting so, or when one or two years ago every single fashion blogger was wearing this trend. 

One Monday morning before going to work, I was lying in bed, checking my phone, not wanting to get up (we all know those Monday mornings), and not at all inspired outfit-wise. I scrolled past a girl wearing a little black dress with a white shirt underneath, and for the first time in my 23-year long life I went to work wearing a shirt underneath my dress, and added a pearl choker and fishnet tights to make it all even more 90's. I felt super comfortable in this outfit, liked its outcome, and will continue to wear this look on other occasions. So as you can see, it’s never too late to adopt a trend!


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