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Home sweet home! I'm back from my trip to Berlin, so sad it's over already! We visited so many beautiful places, I loved the atmosphere, did some shopping (ofcourse!) and partied a lot. The weather was amazing, so it felt more like a trip to southern France instead of Germany. This week was so wonderful; the trip to Berlin was perfect, and yesterday, we had our very last volleyball match. We had a little goodbye party by eating pizza and drinking cava together, and afterwards we went to a little party. I had such a wonderful week, oh my! 

The outfit I'm wearing is entirely new! I did some wonderful shopping in Germany, and bought this cute little dress, paired with a statement necklace and gold-black bangles. Chinese prints are huge for the summer, so I decided to get myself a Chinese dress. I've been searching for a statement necklace like forever and now I finally found the pair I was looking for. You could say I feel very satisfied. Hope you like this look!

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