Summer fun

3:51 PM Imke 28 Comments

On today: my Thursday outift! Maybe a tad late, but I still wanted to show you that even Belgium can be very sunny and hot. It was the best day in ages, about 22°C and sun all the time. I did some tanning and turned out red, as usual. I studies outside with my roommates, and after schoolwork was done, my love and I went into the city to enjoy the perks of summertime. I had a delicious cup of frozen yoghurt, and wandered thourgh the streets, hand in hand with my boyfriend. It was such fun! After dinner we went out for a coctail, yum! Quite a perfect day, right? Sadly enough, the day after it was raining and freezing cold, but I'm hoping for summer to arrive very soon! Hope you like my outfit, and that you all have a marvelous weekend!

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