Summertime madness

3:59 PM Imke 46 Comments

Summer has finally arrived! It makes me feel so happy to be surrounded by sunshine, flowers, butterflies and ice-cream! I've had two examens already this week, and they both went well! My first exam was graphic communication; studies like crazy and I think I did well, and today's exam was the best (but easiest) so far. After graphic communication, I decided to treat myself on ice-cream, Vogue and a trip to Ghent. We wandered around the park, stalked some frogs and had a wonderful time, and bought ice-cream afterwards. Carte d'Or Crème Brûlee, yum! Perfect day, enjoying the sun with your loved one, getting a little tiny tan, and relaxing at its fullest. 

And now I have to go back to reality, and pass another thousand exams and study till I drop. It's not summertime sadness, it's more a case of summertime madness. Next one up is Event Management, Saturday morning. I hope you can all enjoy the sun despite the exams! I think of you!

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