A little party never killed nobody

3:00 PM Imke 49 Comments

Yesterday was such a lovely day; my love turned 20, and we had a wonderful day. The sun was shining all day, it was really hot, and we had a barbecue dinner on a terrace. Let's say yesterday was perfect. After making an exam that went a lot better than expected, and after giving my love all his presents, we went into the beautiful city of Ghent. We did a little shopping, and I bought a lovely new dress, which I'll show in the blog soon. After shopping & ice-cream we did had a lovely dinner and simply had the most wonderful day. My love said he was really happy and had had a splendid birthday, so I was happy as well! 

Especially for him, I put on the skirt he likes the most - and which I like a lot as well, of course! Perfect colour palette regarding the weather. This skirt gives me a happy feeling instantly, and reminds me of London because that's where I bought it. Let's hope the weather stays this way! 

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