Skorts invasion

10:06 PM Imke 39 Comments

There seems to be a Zara skorts invasion lately. I bet many of you have noticed how about half of the fashion blogger population seems to own the wonderful Zara skorts. I have to admit: they're amazing and really wearable. You might think they're way too short, but the wonderful thing about skorts is they look like skirts but actually still have shorts underneath. Ever since my childhood, I have always thought of skorts as unfashionable and meant to be worn for tennis and cheerleading. But by seeing this skorts trend coming up, I have to admit: I'm tempted to get them myself as well.

But as everyone seems to own the black or white ones, I'm planning on standing out and picking blue. Blue is wonderful for the summer, especacially when your legs are tanned (which I have to work on as they're the same colour as a sheet of paper). I would combine it with all whites, a blue necklace and a neon accent, like this cute little yellow purse.

After this invasion, I'm not yet certain about wether I want them or not, but I've seen so many wonderful outfits with these skorts that I'm more going toward a yes than a no. But there's one thing I'm certain of: there should be another name for this piece of clothing, because in my opinion, it still doesn't sound really fancy, in fashion or not.

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