Neon yellow paradise

5:15 PM Imke 27 Comments

Most definitely my colour for the summer: neon yellow! It all started with my bottle of China Glaze from the neons collection, about a year ago. Then, last week, when my love and I were in Amsterdam, I bought this wonderful bikini. When today the neon yellow necklace arrived, I started to notice a little neon yellow obsession. You shouldn't overdo with it, but I think neon nails or a neon necklace can really add that little extra to an outfit. My favourite is a white dress, combined with a neon yellow statement necklace and matching nails. But this Saturday I'll be attending a wedding, and I'm opting for the cobalt blue / neon yellow combination! 

So what's your opinion about adding a neon touch? What's your favourite neon colour?

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