Popping up in St Tropez

11:02 PM Imke 28 Comments

Those among you who have visited Saint Tropez from four years ago until now, must have seen the Chanel Pop-up store for sure. I visited it today, and I would love to share the photos I took with you. It's a pity there aren't much of them, but security was not so keen on photographs.

Chanel and Saint-Tropez are an amazing combination, as Gabrielle Chanel vacationed there back in the 1920s and found the beautiful surroundings very inspirational. I have to say, she's totally right. Even now, St Tropez keeps that special vibe it had back when it was ruled by Coco Chanel in the 20's and by Brigitte Bardot in the 60's. Also, Karl Lagerfeld held the Chanel S/S 2011/2012 Cruise show at the port of St Tropez. 

The pop-up store is a fabulous poolhouse, and features the latest season's swimwear, gorgeous dresses and cardigans, and I even spotted a Chanel tennis racket and the well-known hula hoop bag. And today I discovered even Chanel does sales, which I wouldn't have suspected, and lusted over gorgeous purses in different colours.

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