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I can't deny I love travelling. Whether it is for school, work or leisure reasons, I love packing my bags and go off to another place, discover new cities, new countries, enjoy every bit of it. One of my goals in life is to visit all European capitals. According to my good friend Google, there are 50, of which I can cross off only eight, which is quite sad for a traveller like me. Luckily, I have visited many more places, just not that many capitals. How many can you cross off?
  1. Albania: Tirana
  2. Andorra: Andorra la Vella
  3. Armenia: Yerevan
  4. Austria: Vienna
  5. Azerbaijan: Baku
  6. Belarus: Minsk
  7. Belgium: Brussels
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo
  9. Bulgaria: Sofia
  10. Croatia: Zagreb
  11. Cyprus: Nicosia
  12. Czech Republic: Prague
  13. Denmark: Copenhagen
  14. Estonia: Tallinn
  15. Finland: Helsinki
  16. France: Paris
  17. Germany: Berlin
  18. Greece: Athens
  19. Georgia: Tbilisi
  20. Hungary: Budapest
  21. Iceland: Reykjavik
  22. Italy: Rome
  23. Latvia: Riga
  24. Kazakhstan: Astana
  25. Liechtenstein: Vaduz
  26. Lithuania: Vilnius
  27. Luxembourg: Luxembourg
  28. Macedonia: Skopje
  29. Malta: Valletta
  30. Moldova: Chişinău
  31. Monaco: Monaco-Ville
  32. Montenegro: Podgorica
  33. Netherlands: Amsterdam
  34. Norway: Oslo
  35. Poland: Warsaw
  36. Portugal: Lisbon
  37. Republic of Ireland: Dublin
  38. Romania: Bucharest
  39. Russia: Moscow
  40. San Marino: San Marino
  41. Serbia: Belgrade
  42. Slovakia: Bratislava
  43. Slovenia: Ljubljana
  44. Spain: Madrid
  45. Sweden: Stockholm
  46. Switzerland: Bern
  47. Turkey: Ankara
  48. Ukraine: Kiev
  49. United Kingdom: London
  50. Vatican City: Vatican City

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  1. I'd love to travel more, but we just don't have time! You've visited some great places!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I'd love to travel the whole world!

  3. Cool! I'd love to go to Norway:)

  4. I can only cross off one- London ha ha ha! I love travelling to buy similarly I don't go to cities :)

  5. Unfortunately, I can't cross off any European cities, I've never been beyond North America. But I plan on visiting Paris and many more someday, because they seem amazing!!


    1. But you're really lucky as well, I have never visited the USA before! And yes, Paris is so beautiful, you should most definitely visit it!

  6. Ik kan er wel meer afstrepen, maar daar moeten nog veel meer bijkomen! ;)

  7. I totally loved this post!!! Really great inspiration! tell me if you would like to follow each other! I follow you back for sure - Lots of Love, Kyra♡

  8. Hi sweety, i love traveling too, It would be a dream to see all the European capitals, unfortunately for South Africans its to difficult to get a visa to come there! My ultimate dream is so to go Prague

    1. Oh, such a pity it's so hard to get a visa :( And yes, Prague does sound wonderful indeed! But South Africa is a beautiful country as well - I would love to visit it someday as well!

  9. yay! come to Prague! we can meet each other!:) and I really love the saying at the beginning of your post, it's so true♥

    1. Sounds wonderful dear! I'm planning some trips in my head already after writing this post!

  10. We all travel to lose time, money, whatever, but we end up finding ourselves if we're lucky ;)

    Since i'm from southamerica, i can cross none of europe capitals <////3 not even stockholm and i was born in sweeden! Or maybe i''ve been there and i just cannot remember, who knows!

  11. What a great list - it would be amazing to see all those places. Traveling is always something I want to do, but for some reason never make the time...that DEFINITELY needs to change!


  12. I'd love to see these cities too! Travelling is really an amazing thing I want to do more and more

  13. hey hun
    thanks for your lovely comment! I love these places!!
    this seems an amazing blog and I would love to travel all the time!
    xoxo &keep in touch!!!

  14. I love travelling. Off again tomorrow. Yay!

  15. i love this post about traveling, although i can't cross off as many as you can here! i also like traveling to little towns close to me, everything should be explored!

    lindsey louise

  16. Brussel - of vcourse - en ook Amsterdam, Parijs, Londen, Luxemburg Stad, Praag en Rome kan ik schrappen. We hadden BIJNA een citytripje naar Wenen geboekt, maar dat is niet doorgegaan. Momenteel bekijken we Madrid... Dus wie weet kan ik er snel nog eentje van mijn lijsje schrappen! :D x

    1. O een citytripje naar Wenen klinkt goed! Jammer dat het niet is doorgegeaan! Madrid lijkt me ook leuk. Ik ben er alleen nog maar geweest om op de luchthaven over te stappen dus dat telt niet echt vind ik ;) Hopelijk voor jou gaat het tripje door!

  17. Pfff, daar kan ik er veel van wegstrepen, o.a. nummer 8 en 10. Ik ben helemaal niet van de Balkan, maar Sarajevo en Zagreb zou ik best nog eens willen zien. Maar mijn volgende stop is toch echt weer Mexico Stad!


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  18. I love travelling but I hate flying, that's a big problem!
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  19. I was in Spain, Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Monaco! My next dream travel destinations are Norway, Sweden and New Zealand ;D
    You have to come to Portugal, I'm sure you will love it! It is a beautiful country, mild temperatures and sunny days all year round, friendly people, great food, fantastic wines and some of the best beaches in Europe ;)


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  20. Hmmm, I think a little bit of finding myself and losing myself :) I love traveling so much- I'm in major need of a big trip!

  21. haha ik heb er maar 7. maar er zijn vaak leukere steden dan de hoofdstad van een land (zoals bij belgie..) ! toffe post :D
    xo Charlotte - Aliceroxy

  22. I have been to 9...which is funny, cause I have been to more countries, but seems I did not go to the capital :D. U should totally go to Reykjavik.... My fave european capital :D



  23. Hello dear!) I am your new follower) Hope you follow me back, it would be great!))

    Keep in touch!^^