Louis Vuitton streetstyle

11:23 PM Imke 22 Comments

Hello my lovely readers! This post is going to be a very special one namely a streetstyle report of the Louis Vuitton looks. I teased you in my latest post about where I was moving, and now you have your answer: Paris! Yesterday I moved here into my own studio in the most fashionable city in the world. And today was the last day of Paris Fashion Week, so I took my chances and went out early to find the location of the Louis Vuitton show, just to experience what the atmosphere there would be like at such a huge fashion event. 

It was like a dream coming true! I spotted several very well know fashion insiders. To name some: I saw Anna Dello Russo, Grace Coddington, Glenda Bailey, Ulyana Sergeenko, Tiani Kirloff (fellow Belgian) and many many other people of whom the names I have forgotten. But enough name dropping and drooling over the fact I happened to be at the right time at the right place - with a little planning. 

Please enlighten me on names I have missed, and I will asure you more Paris updates will follow! I'm just getting settled and finding my way et cetera so it might take a while till personal looks will appear again. But some self-made streetstyle pictures are never unwanted, right? I'm sorry for the fashionista's I didn't ask to be photographed, but you all seemed so eager to be spotted by photographers (the real one's I mean, not the n00bs like me) that I took I guess you wouldn't mind being praised on this blog. 

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