On the dot

8:30 PM Imke 17 Comments

I'm in love love triple love with my new Chicnova sweater! It arrived on my doorstep this week and put it right on. You know how in love I am with big black & white polkadots, it's so chique, and this sweater blends in perfectly in my closet. The sweater is cosy and soft, and warm but not too hot, so it's great for this time of the year. And it's the sleeves I like best; they're transparent chiffon, as you know, a very big trend right now, as we saw on the past Fashion Weeks. 

But I think it's so difficult to put an outfit together right now; too cold for walking around without a coat but too hot wearing one, especially when you have to race over the Champs-Elysées in the morning to get to school in time like I have to. Just let Winter be here already, so that I pull out my comfiest jumpers and drink lots of tea and hot chocolate, and then Spring will be just around the corner.

I want to conclude this blogpost by apologizing for the terrible quality of my photos. I don't know what my camera is up to but it's no good. I should find myself a better photographer than myself here in Paris, so if you feel called upon, please do let me know my dear readers, because picture quality shouldn't be like this. I hope you like sheerness as much as I do, and please tell me, what do you like in clothing to be transparent?

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