Tour Eiffel

7:13 PM Imke 22 Comments

This week has gone by so fast, can't believe it's Sunday already! I spent my last free-from-school week here in the city, and dicovered lots of new places that are all so very beautiful. I already feel like a real Parisienne and my French is improving already. Today my friend (who's studying in Paris as well) and I went to the Eiffel Tower, the most impressive building of Paris, maybe even Europe, oh heck, let's make it the world. I felt like a real tourist taking these pictures and gaping at the building like it was the first time I saw it. No matter how hard I try to keep cool and act like I've been living here for ages, I cant' help but get all tourist over all of the beautiful stores and boulevards and statues and buildings. I fall in love more and more every day.

I tried to channel my inner Parisienne with this look. Black and white, pied-de-poule skirt and red lipstick. It's the first time for me to wear a skirt this long and I don't know yet what to think of it. Oh, and you can't see my shoes in this picture but they're heels, in my opinion a must if you wear a long skirt. So, what's your opinion on midi skirts? And do you have some tips on where to go in Paris? 

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