Brasserie Gabrielle

2:48 PM Imke 19 Comments

Un café et un croissant s'il vous plaît! After a garden, a supermarket and a manifestation, the Grand Palais has now been magically transformed into brasserie Gabrielle, where your waiter is Baptiste Giabiconi and the collection was stunning. I would like to order the golden coated jacket from look twenty-one right now, and never take it off ever again.

The balance between the classic and timeless elegance from back when Coco Chanel herself was head of the empire, and the modern twist Karl Lagerfeld loves to give was simply perfect. Classic sling-backs combined with modern puffy-sleeved tweed jackets, fierce make-up, classy Blair-style headbands, pearl necklaces and printed Boy bags to die for. I think we can conclude that Chanel can do no wrong, ever. 


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