Primrose Hill

4:56 PM Imke 20 Comments

This weekend I went to Primrose Hill for the first time, and was lucky enough to be there around sunset. The sky was beyond beautiful, and I felt like a child, skipping through the park, and running on and off the hill. I had expected the hill to be higher, but overall, I was impressed by the amazing view you have over London. I understand why London-based superstars (JUDE LAW) choose thise beautiful part of NW London as their home. I'm already looking forward to summertime picknicks in this wonderful park! The weather is getting lovelier and lovelier over here, but the English wind is still too strong and cold to be walking around in bare legs. I'm crossing my legs for the weather to be bare-leg-worthy in two weeks, when my best friends are coming over!

#NOFILTER on that last picture! 

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