Parisian summers

5:23 PM Imke 23 Comments

A throwback to having fun in Paris. I remember this day, it was mid-September already but the weather was beyond incredible, as you can probably see in this picture. Bare legs, sunglasses on and a yellow touch with my favourite summer jacket I haven't been able to wear yet this year.

We were wandering around the old city centre, and by the Seine, when we decided to descend the stairs and take some photos there. The one above is my favourite, as you can see how happy I was being in Paris with the love of my life, the sun out and my Chanel sunglasses on.

I seem to have been saying this in every recent blogpost, but I really, really, want it to be summer again, and have more of these wonderful city adventures, this not in Paris but in London. Bring it on! 

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