12:11 PM Imke 26 Comments

When combining midi, bodycon and bare midriff, I get very self-conscious, because in dresses like these, you can literally see everything - no way to hide those little imperfections with layers or a peplum. When spotting this beauty quite some time ago (sold out by now sadly) on Boohoo I was hesitating, because for sure, a dress like this looks better on the model than on my curvy slash athletic body. 

But when it arrived and put it on, I immediately liked it! I have a large derriere and wide hips, but I loved the nude colour and bare midriff part so much I couln't resist! And I have accepted my body how it is a long time ago, so here I am, going bodycon, midi and bare midriff, all at the same time. And I threw in some holographic heels to make this look glam & chic. 

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