Is this London?

1:16 PM Imke 44 Comments

Last Wednesday, my lovely manager gave me a day off at work, because almost my entire family were in London for a visit. Also, London really spoiled us with the most wonderful weather. The temperatures were higher than in Spain, literally, and I can know, because two of my flatmates are Spanish. 

I found it time to ditch my coat, not even a jacket on my shoulder this day, and put on one of my favourite summer dresses instead. It's the perfect nude dress, and the low lacy back including bow is so cute! Only bad thing is that it wrinkles up weirdly when sitting down (as you can see in the last picture) but besides that, it's on of my favourite summer items. It's by this brand called Andy & Lucy, a small Parisian brand they stock at the boutique in my hometown. I have no idea where else to buy this brand, but I really like it! (This ain't no sponsored post by the way, I just genuinely like the brand, hence the free shout-out). 

Also I put on my holographic slip-ons for the first time, and I'm in love! Perfect addition to my closet - comfortable for walks around the city (or the beach, for that matter), and fashionable with this amazing holo print. Defenitely one of my best recent buys yet for the new season! 

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