These boots are made for walking

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I might sound like an OAP now, but I like walking. Taking long hikes around the city makes me happy, so whenever it's not raining in cloudy England, I put on my boots or a pair of sneakers, and go walk around the city and discover new, beautiful places. “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking,” dixit Friedrich Nietzsche.

Today I'll share with you my favourite walk around London, which is kind of a hidden gem. I'm not going to draw a map, because honestly, it's easy, and this is a always-lost-thank-God-for-Apple-maps kind of girl speaking...

You go to Camden around luchtime, and enjoy one of the many amazing dishes at the food market (the falafel is really good) but make sure to save some space for dessert, because honestly, how good does this dessert look in the picture below this post? Strawberry, meringue, brownie, whipped cream and a blackberry on top ― dessert heaven.

Take your dessert with you, while pushing through the inevitable crowd of hungry people hunting down their favourite Camden dish, and take the stairs at the end of the food market. Et voilà, discover the beauty of Regent's Canal, where the houses have a quay for the rich people's little boats, and where you don't feel like being in a bitg city anymore, because it's quiet and so beautiful. Walk all the way down Regent's Canal and you'll end up at the London Zoo and Regent's Park, where you'll have access to Queen Mary's Garden, by far my favourite parc in London (and where the pictures by the fountain in this post are taken). 

I've taken everyone who came to visit me in the past few weeks on this route, and so far, they all were a big fan, so if you're in London, I strongly suggest you to take a stroll down there, because it combines so many lovely places and things of the UK capital.

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