Hello April!

9:48 PM Imke 25 Comments

New month, new goals, and big changes and projects are coming along the way! Tomorrow a brand-new month is kicking in, and I'm so excited (and slightly anxious) for everything it will bring. My courses are getting to its end - I still need to hand in 5 big projects so I'm continuing my no-sleep-life until that's over and done with, and then I'm off to another big thing: my final internship. The last internship I'll be doing, period, because after that, I'm an official Digital Marketing graduate, off and ready for the scary big world of WORK. 

Hence the reason I've been blogging less: in-between lectures and working on big-ass projects I also have job interviews and other stuff I'm finishing up on, and sadly blogging has become harder than ever. On a brighter note, I have a very exciting project coming up very soon on the blog - I'm collaborating with a very big e-shop you guys all know, but I can't talk about it until Monday, so keep an eye on my Instagram to keep updated! 

Overall I'm very excited for this new month coming up, a month that will bring a new lifestyle and new projects, and I can't wait for it! What are you guys up to in April? Tell me all about it in the comments. 

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