Scandinavian Style

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I don't own many miniskirts, and there's even less of them in my closet that I actually wear. This gorgeous leather miniskirt with golden accents got pushed back quite far in the back of my closet, even though it used to be one of my favourite skirts to wear. So when roaming through my closet looking for some outfit inspiration, I found this little gem again and paired it with my ankle boots and tomboy shirt immediately, ready to hit the road.


But why is this post called Scandinavian Style you might wonder? Well, I bought this skirt three years ago when I was visiting my friend in Sweden, right during sales, and I picked up this gorgeous skirt at 50% off at Bik Bok, which is one of the biggest clothing chain stores in Scandinavia. I must say that I fell in love with the collection they offered at once. All clothes were so stylish, so gorgeous and so affordable, and mentally planned to shop on their online store at least once a month. And then your friend tells you they only ship to Norway, Sweden and Finland... Bummer of the day! But still I'm in love with Bik Bok, and I can't wait to plan another trip to Scandinavia to go and have a good shopping spree. (They have now added Germany and Austria to their shipping countries but that doesn't really help me much does it?).

Also I feel like it's a quite Scandinavian thing to dress up like winter doesn't exist, and that completely applies to me as well - I braced myself for -20°C, and conquered the Swedish winter wearing a ski outfit, discovered I was practically immune to the cold, but was still stunned by all those people wearing their regular clothes, not even wearing gloves or socks. And that my dear readers, is when I decided that I loved this spirit, and I've been conquering the Parisian winter wearing tights, a coat, a dress/skirt/shirt and sometimes, but only when it's windy, a scarf. Scandinavian style!

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