Sacha Blogger: Shoe Love

2:46 PM Imke 28 Comments

Here's another Paris Fashion Week 2016 look, the eye-catcher of the outfit without a doubt being my new Sacha shoes. When Sacha contacted me, asking if I was interested in participating in their Blogger Challenge by the name of 'Shoe Love', I didn't hesitate a moment, especially upon seeing what a gorgeous collection they offer, and knowing I have and obsessional love for shoes.


The choice was hard, very hard, but I'm so incredibly happy with this gorgeous pair of rosé metallic shoes I got. What's more, is that Sacha is giving -15% on everything on their website with the code 'NEW15', so guys and gals, you go for it! They have my shoes in silver (on sale!) too, as well as Rihanna x Puma creepers look-a-likes! Please do go and check out their women's shoe collection!

I decided to pair my new shoes with a pair of ripped baggy jeans I picked up at H&M in Brighton quite a while ago and go badass by throwing in an oversized black t-sirt and my all-time favourite leather jacket a friend of mine would have throw away if I hadn't the gorgeous little thing.

I hope you like my brand new shiny shoes, and the way I combined them. I'm longing for summer to pair these with an all-pink look! How would you combine them?

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