As Seen on Me: Geek Chic

12:38 AM Imke 31 Comments

As you might remember from this post earlier this month, one of my favourite trends for this Summer is the 'geek chic' look, better known as Granny goes 2016. I went for an (almost) all ASOS look, the trousers being Asos Tall, and the turtleneck and glasses being Asos as well. You might be slightly weirded out by me wearing glasses, and you have the right to be, as I absolutely don't need glasses. I've always hated the trend to wear glasses when you don't actually need them but it seems like about 10 years after this was trendy, I decided to embrace this style. It can totally change your look, and goes so well with the Geek Chic look I had in mind. 

Another fashion no-go I embraced in this look is the combination of brown & black. To hell with fashion prejudices, I think these neoprene trousers look quite good paired with a brown turtleneck and brown mocassins. I honestly can't wait to create some other geeky outfits, as this one isn't quite granny style yet in my eyes. Next time I'll go crazier on the geek chic department I can assure you!


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