The Boohoo Store Paris

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Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the opening event of The Boohoo Store, the pop-up boutique by the British webshop I love so dearly. And the word pop-up indicates it; the store is unfortunately not bound to stay in Paris, and even leaven very soon, namely THIS Saturday, April 16th. So if you're from Paris, or just visiting, pop by their showroom at 72 rue Saint Honoré in the first arrondissement before Boohoo packs it all back up and ships back to the U.K.

The opening was such a cool event: fashion, good music, a photocall, a jewellery making workshop and of course drinks & food were present and bound the event to be a good one. I really enjoyed seeing the clothes 'in real life', touching them and experiencing the quality, and snapping pictures of the tags of the items I would buy later and are now on my endless wishlist. 

About my outfit: the blouse was sent to me by the lovely people over at New Chic, and for about €10 this blouse really is such a bargain isn't it? The trousers are vintage and give a cool nineties vibe to this look, and the shoes are my ever beloved Eram pair I live in. 

The Boohoo Store makes the French market discover the online fashion store, experience the brand, and gives the opportunity to check out the clothes and order straight after on the touch-screens installed in the shop, and have a coffee after/while/before shopping on the second floor. It really is too bad this is only a temporary thing. Fortunately, Boohoo is ending this fascinating concept with a bang! This Friday, the last full day the showroom will be installed on Rue Saint Honoré, Charli XCX will be visiting the store to meet & greet! I hope from the bottom of my heart my Uni schedule allows me to attend, because I'm the biggest fan, ever since I lived in London this English gal has me blasting her music trough my speakers

What's your experience with Boohoo? Will you be visiting the showroom? Or are you sincerely hoping the shop will pop up in a city closer by if Paris is too far? Oh, and any fellow Charli XCX fans out there? Let me know in the comments! And a big thank you to my blogger babe Lady Gwladys whom I enjoyed this event a lot with!


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