As Seen on Me: Seventies Style

10:35 PM Imke 30 Comments

You could read in my Asos shopping guide earlier this month, I'm quite crushing on the seventies trend that's yet again a big thing this summer. We pretended to be a few decades back in the past last winter already, and the trend is here to stay. Embrace those suède skirts, denim dungarees, flared trousers and colourful stripes, and don't forget to add a modern touch.

I shot this gorgeous Asos dress with my lovely friend Lady Gwladys right after my first day of interning last week, and this might sound quite narcissistic but I'm very proud of this shoot. The first thing I thought upon seeing the photos on big-screen, was that it had quite a strong Cuba vibe, don't you agree? The blue & grey with the yellow toned bricks, the length of my dresses and the vintage vibes present in the photos go together so well and make me feel like being in a colder, European version of Havana. And on a side note, this is my first time this season baring my legs and they're so pale vampires would count me immediately among them. Got to love the pale girl life, right?


Anyhow, I'm incredibly happy with this dress, as the length is an interesting wear and one I'd love to pull off more often, and last but not least, perfect for the office. Also I got this dress with some serious discount (shop it here). And if you're a student like I am, you too can get -10% always, all year long all over Asos by clicking right here. You're welcome. 

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