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When the lovely people over at Hiphunters sent me an e-mail introducing their webshop, I was immediately very curious to hop over to their site & check out their shop. I love discovering new webshops, and this one is totally my style! In this post I'll introduce you to Hiphunters as well, because I'm sure you'd love to discover this gem, as much as I loved discovering it! 

Hiphunters is a a premium and luxury platform for discerning buyers, with many many many brands, some very big (Chloé, Balenciaga, Louboutin, Saint Laurent, drool drool), some lesser known & smaller labels, and for those a bit on the short side of money, there's some really awesome sales as well, so you can snatch that designer bag you've been lusting over on sales. Talk about a good deal huh? There's something in it for everyone, and that's what I love about this webshop.

The product category I love most is the bags category. There's so many amazing purses on there I've had on my wishlist for literally the longest of times, and now that the working life has come for me, it might be time to go & make that purchase I've been wanting to do since forever. 

Shop Balenciaga / Shop Saint Laurent / Shop Wendee Ou

And of course, as you probably all know, I'm an eternal dress lover. I might have found a rekindled love for trousers, but dresses are and always will be my number one. Below you can find some of my favourite dresses found on Hiphunters' dresses category.

Oh, and you guys, bikini season is getting closer & closer... To start preparing, here's three of my favourites for the season, but a more swimwear specific blogpost will come online once the weather will start agreeing with the time of the year. Check out all Hiphunters swimwear right here.

What's your favourite piece I listed here ? Did you know this webshop already ? If not, what do you think about this post ? Would you guys like to read more posts like this, sharing my favourite online shopping sites & wishlists ? Let me know in the comments!

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