Off-shoulder Choker Top

11:12 PM Imke 25 Comments

The nineties are back for real, and I've never been happier about it. I've always been a 90'S kind of gal, still listening to the Backstreet Boys, Eminem and good old Britney, playing Pokénon & watching Rocket Power. My style can sometimes downright look like I came straight from a time machine. 

So when I started spotting this off-shoulder choker top more and more, I knew I just had to have it. It's so nineties, yet easy to combine and wearable in daily life (which isn't the case for every nineties trend - I'm looking at you, septum ring). When the top came in, I was in love immediately. Paired with my high-waisted suit trousers the look is wearable both for the office with a blazer worn over it, and just switch for a leather jacket and you're ready for a night out in the city.


What do you think about the choker top trend? Yay or stay in the nineties? I'm definitely digging this style, even though I have broad shoulders & they look even broader with this top. But to hell with that, I'm getting this top in white as well. Get it here!

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